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Left Liugdui Exhibition Winner of 2023 Muse Design Awards

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2023/07/07
  • Last updated:2023/07/07
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Left Liugdui Exhibition Winner of 2023 Muse Design Awards 展示圖 USA Muse Design Award Landscape Design Cultural Heritage Silver Award

hangˇ liau: 13 Villages on the Southern Shore—gaˊ dungˊ gioˊ, organized by the Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center (THCDC) of the Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) under the concept of ecomuseum and still running in Hsiao's Historic House at Jiadong Township, participated in the MUSE Design Awards for the first time and was named a Silver Winner in the 2023 Landscape Design - Cultural Heritage Design category.

Chin-liang Ho, THCDC Director, expressed that the Liugdui Hakka Cultural Park is actively operated as an eco-museum per the wishes of Yiong Con-ziin, HAC Minister. This is realized through research, collection, exhibition, and educational tours. THCDC began to prepare the left Liugdui exhibition in 2022 under the curatorial idea of displaying the settlement. Such eco-museum curatorial model was a far cry from traditional exhibitions from the very beginning and also enabled locals to join in the process, showcasing the settlement's unique features and lifestyle. The general public is able to understand and recognize that "villages are essential to the Liugdui Hakka people". This exhibition's curatorial design brings together traditional Hakka residences, historic monuments, and cultural artifacts to highlight changes and features of the Liugdui settlements over more than three centuries. Not only can this help visitors appreciate and learn more about relics and historic buildings via tours and experience activities; residents feel a greater sense of cultural identification and emotional connection with visitors.

The MUSE Design Awards is a major design competition organized by the International Awards Associates (IAA). Its goal is to discover outstanding designers worldwide and encourage constant breakthrough, innovation, and sustainable thinking in the design world. It has a position of prestige among the design circles of all nations. This winning exhibition was curated based on the idea of walking into the settlement and showcasing the changes and regional diversity of the Liugdui Hakka settlements in southern Taiwan. We are also extremely thankful to the residents of Xinbi and Jiadong Townships, schools at various levels, and communities for their assistance during both exhibitions. The second edition of the hangˇ liau: 13 Villages on the Southern Shore—gaˊ dungˊ gioˊ is currently running at Hsiao's Historic House, Jiadong, Pingtung and will finish on April 23, 2023. Don't miss on this marvelous exhibition.