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A conversation between Hakka and a musical dream. Lin Cho-Liang lets Mozart meet Hakka

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2015/07/31
  • Last updated:2020/10/15
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World-renowned Hakka violinist Lin Cho-Liang returned to Taiwan to take part in three musical events in "The Third International Taiwan Hakka Arts and Cultural Festival" , upon invitation by the Hakka Affairs Council and National Hsinchu University of Education. The first event, "Dream and Passion: A Dialogue with Lin Cho-Liang" took place on 16 May and was moderated by Liu Chung-ching representing the Hakka Affairs Council. The two gave accounts of their experiences with Hakka cultural continuation and music education amongst other themes, sharing the common vision to spread Hakka culture to the rest of the world via music.  Liu thanked Lin Cho-Liang for bringing with him a new work transcending Hakka culture and looked forward having more Hakka cultural elements reach different corners of the world through music and stunning performances by masters, so as to let Hakka culture be reach a stage of true glocalization and logloblization.  Lin Cho-Liang commented that Hakka culture is one of the important cultures in Taiwan society. Since 2005 when the Hakka Affairs Council invited him to perform the violin concerto “Hakka-Wanderer" composed by Chen Chien-Tai with the Evergreen Symphony Orchestra, Hakka culture has opened up his imagination of music and he hoped to achieve further integration between Hakka and music through Mozart's concertos.