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Liu Ching-Chung Attended The Kaohsiung Hakka Elite Forum, Hoping to Expand Youth Participation in Creating Sustainable Development of Hakka

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2015/07/13
  • Last updated:2020/10/15
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Minister of the Hakka Affairs Council Liu Ching-Chung was invited to participate in the "2015 Kaohsiung Hakka Elite Forum" event. Minister Liu first took advantage of this rare opportunity to share his personal experience in promoting Hakka affairs since taking office with the community leaders from all circles in southern Taiwan. In addition to reaffirming that the key to the development of Hakka cultural inheritance is the participation of the youth, he also raised the claim "Only By Being Generous, Can Hakka Culture Be Sustainable", hoping that the Hakka population regardless of geographical, political, and background boundaries would unite and be devoted to the development of Hakka culture’s future prospects.   Minister Liu indicated that the theme of this forum is “Leading the Future of Kaohsiung Hakka”. Related lectures focused on three major subjects, Hakka research, Hakka industries and Hakka associations. Its core key still lies in Hakka youth participation in the rooting process. This is also the current and future promotion priority of the Hakka Affairs Council, which includes the youth volunteer group from the Project Dandelion, Hakka youth innovation and entrepreneurship mentoring program, the cultivation of young Hakka talents in various fields, and culture curriculum entering the school campus of senior high school and university, assisting Hakka pop music entering the mainstream music market and more. Hakka Affairs Council’s experiences in the promotion of relevant business might serve as reference for the participating Hakka opinion community leaders. It is looking forward to more opportunities for future cooperation with local communities