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Liudui 300 memorial ceremony

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2021/06/19
  • Last updated:2022/02/17
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Liudui 300 memorial ceremony 展示圖 Tree planting in Qiandui. Starting from the left: Zhong Qingping, Head of Linluo Township, Zhong Kongju, the Vice Co-Chairman of the Hakka Affairs Council, Yang Changzhen, the Co-Chairman, Liao Songxiong, the Convener, and the Head of Gujiachuan township

This morning (19th), the Kaohsiung and Pingtung governments, twelve Township offices of Liudui, the Liudui Loyalty Temple and the Liudui Hakka Cultural Park simultaneously raised the Liudui 300 commemorative flags to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Liudui with a concerted effort. Yang Changzhen, Chairman of the Hakka Affairs Council, said that the simultaneous flag-raising ceremony in 16 places was a first-time occurrence in the 300 years of Liudui’s existence. In addition to illustrating its history the people of the entire country, it also hopes to convey the spirit of Liudui’s unity in a call for national solidarity to fight the epidemic. At the same time, it also invites people to change their "Liudui 300" commemorative FB big tinned cam online together.

Yang Changzhen said that Liudui ancestors pitched flags on the tenth day of May in the lunar calendar of 1721 and formed a joint defense organization. Three hundred years later, it coincided with June 19, 2021. For Liudui Hakkas in the Kaohsiung and Pingtung areas, it was a day of great commemoration. Originally, a commemorative conference and other activities were planned to express their feelings for the Liudui ancestors and despite being under the guidance of the central epidemic command center, was postponed to November. However, people still used the flag raising to pay tribute to the ancestors.

Yang Changzhen also paid a special visit to the Liudui Memorial Park in Neipu, Pingtung, which is expected to be completed next year. Six chinaberry trees symbolizing the sustainable link between Liudui Hakka villages and the land were planted by the heads of each Township in Liudui. Although it was raining on the site, Chairman Yang said that it was a blessed rain after the long drought and it represented benediction to Liudui from heaven. This also allowed the plants in the park to grow and thrive. The park covers an area of 3.9 hectares. A multi-functional assembly site is being planned along with integrated recreational facilities and a potted landscape park. Additionally, common Liudui fragrant plants are going to be selected for the main landscape. It is hoped that through the daily planting of the potted landscape as well as planting sacrifice plants with local elements in the Liudui area, the Liudui Hakkas' respect for heaven and love for the earth and sages can be fully illustrated naturally and simply.

Yang Changzhen stressed that Liudui with its cross-ethnic and cross-regions has condensed and linked group and cultural memory, as well as maintained a high cultural identity for 300 years. This makes it a precious and unique cultural asset in the history of Taiwan's development process. Therefore, the Hakka Affairs Council will work with local governments to strengthen and cherish Liudui cultural relics and strive to register the Liudui identity as an intangible cultural asset.

This year coincides with the 300th anniversary of Liudui. In order to remember Liudui volunteer army  and convey the spirit of common prosperity and goodness among ethnic groups, the Hakka Affairs Council planned a series of commemorative activities of "Liudui 300" to strengthen the environmental improvement in local Hakka villages. In addition to highlighting the important position of Liudui's experience in Taiwan's development history, it also hoped to encourage local participation and community cooperation, reflecting about Liudui's memory, letting more people understand Liudui, and uniting their identity to display local values and jointly create a vision of coexistence and common prosperity in Liudui.

In order to cooperate with the central epidemic prevention guidelines, the Hakka Affairs Council designed a special FB tinned cam sticker to commemorate the Liudui 300 and invited everyone to express their most sincere feelings for the ancestors by using the tinned cam stickers online to show the spirit of unity and solidarity of the Liudui! From now on, you can download it from the fan pages of the Hakka Affairs Council, Hakka public communication foundation, Liudui Hakka Cultural Park and the official website of the Hakka Cultural Development Center of the Hakka Affairs Council. Join in the 300th commemorations of the Liudui!