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Hakka 3D Theater

Hakka Theater

Publication Date:2019/07/02
Last updated:2022/06/30

❋Hakka Theater


  No-one believed Luis’s dad when he said he’d been attacked by an alien. And growing up with an obsessed Ufologist for a father hasn’t been easy for 12-year-old Luis, either. But then three crazy aliens crash their ship right in front of Luis, and finally he’s got the proof his dad needs to show the world he’s not crazy. The problem is, if Luis tells his dad, he’ll blast the aliens with his homemade but if he doesn’t, Luis risks being sent away to boarding school. Can Luis save the day? Perhaps three wacky aliens and a little bit of space could be just the thing to bring everyone closer together…

Luis And the Aliens

Richard the Stork 3D

  Orphaned sparrow Richard is raised lovingly by a family of storks. It wouldn't occur to him in a thousand years he's not a stork himself. But when his adoptive parents and stepbrother start getting ready for the long haul down to cozy warm Africa in fall, they have to tell him the truth: A little sparrow isn't made for such a long trip. With heavy hearts, they have to leave him behind. But just because he's no longer under their wing is no reason to turn tail! Richard sets out for Africa on his own to prove he's a real stork after all! Luckily, he gets help from Olga, an oversize pygmy owl, and her imaginary friend Oleg. When they free Kiki, a karaoke-singing parakeet from his cage, a topsy-turvy adventure begins, in the course of which the three birds of a feather have to learn to take wing!

Richard the Stork

❋Timetable ,  Price & Place

Taiwan Hakka Culture Museum - Hakka Theater ( B1 )
Closed on Tuesdays (Except national holiday on Tuesday)
Play time in the morning : 09:30, 10:30, 11:30
Play time in the afternoom 14:00, 15:00, 16:00