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1st Special Exhibition Hall: Meu Zii Jin Siin – The Exhibition of Hakka and Basketball in Miaoli

Publication Date:2022/05/09
Last updated:2022/11/16
1st Special Exhibition Hall: Meu Zii Jin Siin – The Exhibition of Hakka and Basketball in Miaoli 主圖
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Miaoli, with its mountainous land and rolling hills, has also been known as “Shancheng” (Mountain City).
The Exhibition of Hakka and Basketball in Miaoli takes as its theme the Spirit of the Meu Zii (literally “seedlings” but also a homonym for “sons of Miaoli”), which refers to “the young basketball players in Miaoli.” It introduces how competitive basketball sprang up and grew in Miaoli from 1961 up to its glory days, the milestones in the sport being passed on and spreading, and for the first time revealing the interactions between coaches and players, the hard work and the amazing moments behind the tournament glory that display the persevering, never-say-die Hakka spirit.

The Historical Origins of Basketball

An exploration of the origins of basketball serves as the opening to our Miaoli basketball story. In the years around 1961, local basketball lovers successively set up the “Ha Sen Basketball Team,” the “Basketball Club” and the “Miaoli County Basketball Committee.” Basketball in Miaoli began to be promoted more actively, leading to the development of Miaoli County representative teams, injecting fresh blood and laying a good foundation for the sport locally.

The Glory of Miaoli Basketball

From the major basketball tournaments in Taiwan to the brilliant record of the Meu Zii, we tell of how Miaoli basketball stepped up to the big stage and moved towards the golden chapter of its history.
The young basketball players became famous for their secret tactics, such as “Earth Tiger Slays Heavenly Dragon.” They won the Freedom Cup and were champions of the inaugural High School Basketball League (HBL), writing an historic chapter in Taiwan basketball. From then to now, the basketball aces that Miaoli has produced continue to shine brightly.

The Nurturing of the Meu Zii

The repeated successes of Miaoli basketball owed much to the diligent work of the figures behind the scenes: the “Basketball Fool” who rallied the social resources to kick off a national tournament; the “Rain Boots Teacher” who loved his players as himself; the “Basketball Nanny” who brought business management to the teams; the “Basketball Gardener” who uncomplainingly coached the young basketball players in Miaoli. Leading the Meu Zii while lacking funding and equipment, they found ways to raise the necessary resources and won out in the end.

Meu Zii Spread Out

Miaoli basketball, upholding the persevering Meu Zii spirit, continues to see the torch of its legacy passed on by selfless coaches and dedicated successors.

The sport of basketball attracts people across generations, backgrounds, ethnicities and genders. The Indigenous–Hakka Youth Three-on-Three basketball tournament is the country’s first sporting event that appeals to exchanges between ethnic groups. Meanwhile, “Girls Win” is Taiwan’s first TV drama about girls’ high school basketball, featuring a group of basketball-loving girls searching for their identity and playing out their hot-blooded youth.