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Exhibition Review

6th Special Exhibition Hall - Loving Hakka Village

Publication Date:2017/07/04
Last updated:2021/04/07

Loving Hakka Village

Using the elements of Hakka myths and legends, the Loving Hakka Village tries to tell the true and legendary love stories of Hakka folks and prompts people to think over the "forever Hakka love,” its connotation and its spirit.

Display Area for Love Stories

1. Grandpa and Grandma Wang - Love at the first sight

Grandpa and Grandma Wang still clearly remember the first moments when they met. As they looked into each other’s eyes, their hearts began to throb and melt and a deep feeling awakened. They felt like having seen each other before, and love started to sprout at the moment. Like a meteor flying across their life or the rising sun shining in their hearts, they decided to carve each other’s name in their minds, entrust their fate to each other and love and take care of each other forever.

2. Bagong and his wife – The love story of a supportive and friendly couple

Bagong and his wife promise to be guardian to each other in the present life and the life to come. Their life shines like fireflies, dances like small flowers, sways with the breezes, and mutters only true words. Their love is indeed very ordinary but it always plays a sincere romantic melody, slowly and elegantly.

Since the day when they tied the knot, Bagong and his wife have been seasoning their ordinary life with a friendly and supportive mindset. Thus, they are rated as one of the happiest couples in the world.

3. Grandpa Stone and Grandma Stone – The love story of steadfast lovers

Grandpa Stone and Grandma Stone have been married to each other for several lives so far. They cling to each other like two pieces of intermingled stone. Their eternal love has been refined and refined in many lives, witnessing a real and enduring romance. And they promise to pray for every couple to love each other and stay together forever.

4. Love witnessed by good Deities

From “love at the first sight” to “guardian in the present life and the life to come” to “eternal love for several lives,” you now have three pairs of good deities to witness your love. Come and select one pair of good deities to pray for your love.