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Exhibition Review

3rd Special Exhibition Hall - Recreation in Hakka villages " Children’s Museum "

Publication Date:2016/07/04
Last updated:2021/04/07

Recreation in Hakka villages - Exploring wisdom of life and festive life in Hakka villages

3rd Special Exhibition Hall (Children’s Museum)

Using Hakka festival culture as the main theme, the Hakka Culture Development Center of Hakka Affairs Council set up this new Children's Museum in 2014, in which there are 4 zones, namely "Kitchen Experience Zone," "Temple Courtyard Play Zone," "Land Life Zone," and "Sunny-Plow-Rain-Read Zone." Each zone has a "Fairy Secret Base" to highlight its unique style and characteristics of Hakka life, provide a space for children to "learn from play” and promote parent-child interaction. It is hoped each and every visitor, adult and child alike, has a good learning experience at the Children's Museum.


Exhibit Layout

"Kitchen Experience Zone"

At this Hakka-style kitchen, children can understand the origin of Hakka Xinting (new born son) Ban and its production process by interactive virtual devices and physical models. They can also learn to know the traditional Hakka lifestyles by watching the multimedia videos.


Kitchen Experience Zone


"Temple Courtyard Play Zone"

It is here that visitors can appreciate festival atmospheres unique to Hakka villages, including “dragon-bombing dance,” "closing the winter play,” "Liao day wear” (National Hakka Day), and the like. This area also features a mini Yimin Temple and the card-flopping memory game. In this mini Yimin Temple, children can play an interactive virtual game to learn how the "Yimin Festival" is celebrated, while the card-flopping memory game asks questions regarding the 12 major festivals in Hakka culture.


Temple Courtyard Play Zone



interactive virtual game
closing the winter play


card-flopping memory game


"Land Life Zone"

The main features in the Land Life Zone include “ducks swimming in the rice paddies,” water wheels, streams, "Jingzi Pavilion” (Pavilion to show respect for paper with words printed on it), and Bagong dolls. It is here that children can pray to Bagong for good luck and take pictures with the Bagong dolls.


Land Life Zone


"Sunny-Plow-Rain-Read Zone"

This Zone is equipped with interactive virtual games, a reading area, Hakka language e-learning area, and teaching-aids operation area. It is hoped that parents and their kids can interact and learn from playing and have a wonderful experience in this Children's Museum.


Sunny-Plow-Rain-Read Zone


"Fairy Secret Base"

Every child has a secret base in his/her mind. There are many new fun adventures in the seemingly fantastic Hakka mountains and forests!

Fairy Hakka Village - Storytelling Bagong – In this virtual 3D "Bagong" storytelling theater, Bagong will tell you many wonderful stories.


Fairy Secret Base

Braving the Hakka Village - Multimedia area: Children are invited to break through the checkpoints and learn the life wisdom of our ancestors during the process.


Multimedia area

Surrealism of fantasy – Exploration into Hakka mountains and forests: Many forest animals from the early days, such as masked palm civets, muntjac, red deer, and the like will appear around the children. Is it novel and fun?


Secret base

Secret base – Touch-control Magic Box: Children are introduced to animals in Hakka mountains and forests, such as fireflies, tree-climbing lizards, frogs, long-horned grasshoppers, and the like. It is here that children experience the wonderful summer forest by eyes, ears, and hands.