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Public Art

Public Art

Publication Date:2018/11/23
Last updated:2021/10/12

The Five Blessings | The Hakka Welcoming | The Hakka Home of Combined Style | Flower Blossoms

Public Arts Display《Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center》


Location: Parking Lot Entrance

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Public Arts Display《The Five Blessings》

Ta Ga HoLocation: Exhibition Entrance

Imagery: Meaning of Wufu paper cuttings – Symbolizes the spirit of hard-work, enthusiasm, diligence, unity and richness of Hakka people

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Public Arts Display《The Hakka Welcoming》

entry to 2 floorAir bridgeAir bridge silhouette

Location: Empty Bridge at Exhibition Entrance

  1. Imagery:
  2. Curtains of traditional paper cuttings are listed and transformed into stained glass works at the top of the empty bridge, so that visitors can enter the exhibition hall under the colorful image of luck under the shining sun. When people enter this area, they can also hear the new Hakka songs created by combining traditional elements with a lively rhythm and scales, thereby presenting a pleasant welcome for our visitors.
  3. Under the combined senses of vision and hearing, the ‘stained glass’ and ‘innovative music’ display arts in the open entrance empty bridge allow visitors to experience the traditional and modern Hakka culture. They retain ‘Hakka’ traditional cultures, while also highlight new Hakka cultural styles under changing times.

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Public Arts Display《The Hakka Home of Combined Style》

squareLadder art

Location: Amphitheater

  1. Imagery:
  2. To present the spirit of Hakka’s continuous integration with the times, the front of the stairs in the curved square are decorated with ceramic mosaics to form large ‘peony flower’ and ‘tung blossom’ images. The breathtaking flowers and the shocking visual effect not only affect the mood of audiences, but also conveys the spirit of togetherness and being at ease at all situations of Hakka people.
  3. When the works are viewed at different angles and heights, the pattern changes slightly. With the different visual perspectives of viewers, the artist presents unique ripples. The colorful floral patterns add to the lively and bustling atmosphere of the entrance square, while giving the hard cement ladders a more softened visual display.

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Public Arts Display《Flower Blossoms》

Half moon pond and installation art in evening

Location: Half Moon Pond

  1. Imagery:
  2. Located in the Half Moon Pond, the work is based on the triangular configuration of the Hakka Culture Development Center building. It is simplified into a ‘radial polygon’ by artistic translation, coupled with the concept of flowery image, thereby resulting in a moving glass sculpture with a variety of triangular glass surfaces. The abstract and yet interesting folding shape is different from different angles, presenting the image of flowers through water reflection of the Pond.
  3. The work also presents floriography of the four seasons. The colors (spring green, summer red, autumn yellow, winter white) and shapes echo with the image of seeding in springs, farming in summers, harvesting in autumns, and preserving in winters. Similar to that is the extension, budding and growth of buildings, it symbolizes the cycle of seasons and times by nature of Hakka people.

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