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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Publication Date:2016/06/21
Last updated:2020/10/15

What are opening hours for exhibition halls at the Liudui Hakka Cultural Park?

Liudui Park’s exhibition halls are open from 9:00 to 17:00, Wednesday to Monday. It is cloced on Tuesday expect when a national holiday falls on Tuesday. Welcome to visit us.


Can I ride a bike inside the Liudui Hakka Cultural Park?

There are bike routes in this Hakka cultural park, and bike riding is allowed. You can also rent a bike at the Liudui Hakka Cultural Park.


What scenic attractions are there surrounding the Liudui Park?

Surrounding the Liudui Park are rich ecological environments and cultural landscapes, such as the Linluo Wetland Park, the biking garden bridges, the Ju Tien Railway Station, the Liudui Thean Hou Temple, the Million Gold Mary Church, the Aboriginal Cultural Park and so forth. All of them are suitable for play and leisure activities during holidays.


Are there accessible facilities in the Liudui Hakka Cultural Park?

You can borrow a wheelchair from the Visitor Center. Accessible toilets are equipped at the Administration Center (on the south side of its first floor), Hakka Canteen, Hakka Hospitality Marketplace, Garden Restaurant, Multimedia Exhibition Hall (on its first floor) and the parking lot. Moreover, accessible parking spaces are provided at the parking lot.


Are childcare facilities available in the Liudui Hakka Cultural Park?

You can rent or borrow a baby stroller from the Visitor Center. A breast-feeding room is available at the south side of the first floor of the Administration Center.


How can I get to the Liudui Hakka Cultural Park?

Public Transportation

Take the train to Pingtung Railway Station. Then take Pingtung Bus #8230 or Pingtung Bus - Taiwan Tourist Shuttle - #508 (Northern Pingtung Line) to Liudui Park.

By car

Southward: Take National Highway No. 3. Move southward and get down from Changzhi Interchange. Take the road under the National Highway No. 3, moving toward Linluo. Follow the road signs to left turn to Liudui Park.
Northward: Take National Highway No. 3. Move northward and get down from Linluo Interchange. Drive on Pingtung Lane #37 (Xinyi Rd.) for 3 kilometers to Liudui Park.
Go from Fengshan to Kaoping Bridge and then go straight on Provincial Highway #1 to Hoshen Rd. and then turn right and go straight again until you meet Minshen Rd. of Pingtung City. Then, turn right and go straight moving southward to Linluo Township. Follow the road sign to turn left to Pingtung Lane #37 (Xinyi Rd.) for 3 kilometers and you are at the Liudui Park.


Need I pay fees to enter the Liudui Hakka Cultural Park?

No entrance fee is required at the moment, but the parking lot collects fees per vehicle per time as follows: NT$60 for a large car, NT$50 for a small car, and free of charge for the parking of motorbikes and the handicapped.


Is there any place suitable for children to play?

There are two places suitable for children to play, including a sand play area and the Children's Museum (Liudui Small Planet) located on the second floor of Multimedia Exhibition Hall. Children playing in either facility must be closely supervised at all times by an adult.