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Hakka Land Liudui Small Planet – Children’s Museum

Publication Date:2018/05/29
Last updated:2021/10/12
Hakka Land Liudui Small Planet – Children’s Museum 主圖

"Hakka Land Liudui Small Planet – Children’s Museum" (Full screen experience)

Exhibition time: February 2nd 2016~

Venue: Liudui Hakka Cultural Park Children's Museum Multimedia Hall, 2nd floor

Liudui small planet poster

  Hakka Land Liudui Small Planet is a breakthrough from the style of the general children’s permanent exhibition. Based on the concept of experiential education, it combines ‘Hakka specialty industries’ and the five-sense interactive experience and role-playing of ‘Hakka legendary theaters’. The result of which is a Hakka Land under the theme of ‘cosplay’, creating a fantasy land of imagination that transcends reality, time and space. The exhibition offers gaming experience of the 11 major industries of Hakka villages, including the Blue Sister Shop, Liouguei Tea Store, Tsai Zhu Arts and Crafts Store, Guang Zhen Chang Paper Umbrella Factory, Land of Courage, the Changli Temple, Comfort Pharmacy, 8-Tone Forest, Cheng Liang Printing House, Hakka Snacks Street, and Ecological Observation Station. It is hoped that teachers and their students, parents and their kids, and other audience can team up together, hands-on and minds-on, to break through all the checkpoints. At the end of the visit, you can use your exclusive membership card to accumulate game points for exchange of a variety of cultural and creative products. Everyone is welcomed to take part in the interactive games to enjoy the fun of getting through time and space!

Children's exploration spaceThe children listened carefully to the sound of the instruments on the wall.Paper umbrella factory interactive turntableChildren's store simulation scene

Hakka Land Liudui Small Planet – Children’s Museum Visit Information:

◎ In order to maintain quality of visits, the maximum number of visitors in the Museum is 50. If the Museum is full, clearing will occur by time (the venue will be cleared by 50 minutes on an hourly basis).
◎ You must bring along valid ID to borrow an experience Access Card. One ID is limited to one card only.
◎ With your Access Card, you may apply for a membership card to accumulate game points for exchange of mysterious gifts of limited quantity.
◎ Please refer to the borrowing code for the borrowing of props for the outdoor unit ‘Hakka Snack Street’.

Children's AR game sceneChildren's AR interactive areaChildren holding a balloon photoListen to the sound on the wall


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