Tobacco Building

Tobacco Building

Publication Date:2016/07/04
Last updated:2020/10/15

The Baking of Century-old Flavor ─Tobacco Building

Tobacco Building is the drying chamber to bake the green thick tobacco leaves into the golden thin ones. As tobacco-leaf baking was the most difficult process in the manufacture of tobacco, this Tobacco Building marks a glorious historical imprint in the tobacco kingdom of Liudui. A selfless donation by Mr. Kun-ho Liang of Gaushu Township, Pingtung County, this traditional Osaka-style Tobacco Building was built by Mr. Liang’s parents in 1961, operated for nearly 20 years, passed on to Mr. Liang and put idle in 1982, when new flue-cured tobacco machines were introduced. In 2009, Mr. Liang decided to donate and move this Tobacco Building to the Liudui Hakka Cultural Park.

The Tobacco Building Exhibition Hall presents the "Century-old Tobacco Building ─ The Memory of Tobacco-leaf Baking," telling the toilsome but warm story of teenaged Ah Kun and his family, who worked really hard in the tobacco fields.


Tobacco BuildingTobacco-leaf drying chamber

Tobacco buildings can be roughly divided into two types: the "Osaka-style" and the "Hiroshima-style." Both styles have the same function and similar appearance. The only difference lies in the roof skylights, taking into consideration the impact of weather as an external environmental factor. Most of the tobacco buildings in Taiwan belong to the Osaka style, and so does this Tobacco Building Exhibition Hall in the Liudui Park. The "tobacco-leaf drying chamber" exhibited in the Tobacco Building Exhibition Hall is referred to the central part of the building body constructed with layers of soil bricks and linking racks on which is the roofed space for tobacco flue-curing. The tobacco growers called the "tobacco-leaf drying chamber" as the "kitchen.”