Umbrella Hakka Cluster Architecture

Permanent Exhibition

“Hakka Land Liudui Small Planet” Children’s Museum

Source: Hakka Culture Development Center
Date: 2016/08/17
Updated: 2016/08/17

Unlike other permanent exhibition patterns for children, the “Hakka Land Liudui Small Planet” Children’s Museum emphasizes experiential education. Combining "Hakka specialty industries" and "Hakka legendary theaters" to construct this "cosplay" theme park, which focuses on interactive experience by using your own five senses. Offered in this Children’s Museum are 11 major featured games, including the Blue Sister Shop, Liouguei Tea Store, Tsai Zhu Arts and Crafts Store, Guang Zhen Chang Paper Umbrella Factory, Land of Courage, the Changli Temple, Comfort Pharmacy, 8-Tone Forest, Cheng Liang Printing House, Hakka Snacks Street, and Ecological Observation Station. It is hoped that teachers and their students, parents and their kids, and other audience can team up together, hands-on and minds-on, to break through all the checkpoints. At the end of the visit, you can use your exclusive membership card to accumulate game points for exchange of a variety of cultural and creative products. Everyone is welcomed to take part in the interactive games to enjoy the fun of getting through time and space.