Umbrella Hakka Cluster Architecture

Origins and Goals

Origins and Goals

Source: Hakka Culture Development Center
Date: 2012/12/18
Updated: 2016/04/07


The Liudui area is the location where Taiwanese Hakka people have resided since the earliest times.

To preserve and present the lifestyle of the 12 Hakka townships and villages in Kaohsiung and Pingtung counties, the Liudui Cultural Park fosters the national level cultural facilities of Liudui tribe cultural industry. We actively promote local Hakka culture, folk art preservation and development, local industry interchange and regional tourism marketing. With the introduction of the core park and the experiences of the local settlement, the Hakka culture of Liudui region and the local economic development are simultaneously driven.


As the entrance platform of Liudui, our goals are to activate the local settlement of villages and towns, help the local communities to present, preserve, add value to and promote Hakka style and cultural industry in order to achieve the established targets and expected efficiency.
1. Research exchange: promote the study of literature and history, as well as encourage academic exchange and education development for Liudui.
2. Folk art: preserve traditional music and operas, heritage crafts and folk festival activities.
3. Industrial incubation: foster the local characteristics industry and enhance the added value and marketing efficiencies.
4. Tourism navigation: Provide information and services about the region and accommodations and activities to promote the development of the tourism industry.
5. Cultural preservation: Exhibit the historical cultural data collection to construct and preserve the blog’s cultural style.