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Take a Walk (hangˇ liau)– Thirteen Villages on the South Bank

Publication Date:2023-02-10
Last updated:2024-03-14

Zuodui Settlement Exhibition: I Am at Jiadong Township Time: 2022/12/24~2023/04/23 Location: Hsiao Family Cluster House, Jiadong Township, Pingtung County (No. 150, Gouzhu Road, Jiadong Township, Pingtung County)

1st special exhibition room (The first special exhibition room: Racing and running at the foot of Dawu Mountain - special exhibition of Liudui games )

Publication Date:2021-04-13
Last updated:2023-11-01

Liudui has developed its unique culture and various stories in the past 300 years. The Liudui Games are a unique cultural memory of the Hakka village in south Taiwan. Liudui has experienced three different changes in its social context and background over different eras; from the Liudui military organization in the Qing Dynasty to the popularity of sports during the Japanese rule, and then the Liudui Games formed after the war. With different cohesion mechanisms, the game has become a way to unite Liudui people for the past 300 years.

Take a Walk – Thirteen Villages on the South Bank

Publication Date:2022-12-16
Last updated:2022-12-16

The stream flows down from Dawu Mountain through canals, ditches, and embankments, and takes a turn to hide in a village before coming out again. It says: “I welcome everyone to follow me and take a walk around the cluster house together. I will slowly tell you all the stories from the old times.”

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