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Barrier-free service

Barrier-free service

Publication Date:2016/06/14
Last updated:2022/02/16
The barrier-free facilities currently established in the park.

Facilities for the disabled in the park’s public buildings will have signs for the disabled that are obviously visible.

Disabled parking spaces (free).

The barrier-free access shall be composed of one or more of the following facilities in accordance with the provisions of this specification: outdoor access, indoor access, entrance and exit, ramp, armrest, lifting equipment, chair lifting platform, etc.

Barrier-free ramp.

Barrier-free ramp.Outdoor barrier-free ramp. Outdoor barrier-free walkway. 出入口斜坡走道Entrance and exit ramp.The indoor ramp leads to the walkway.

Lifting equipment.

Barrier-free elevator. Lifting equipment


Outdoor barrier-free toilet.Outdoor barrier-free toilet.

There are wheelchair-friendly seats on the platform of the Performing Arts Hall in the park.

Wheelchair spectator seat.Wheelchair spectator seat. Ramp walkway.

Barrier-free parking space in the car parking lot: at present, there is a space for car parking for the disabled.

Free parking spaces for disabled people’s cars in the park.

Barrier-free parking space for passenger cars parking lot: at present, there is a parking space for passenger cars for the disabled.

Free parking space for physically and mentally disabled passenger cars in the park.

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