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Umbrella Hakka Cluster Architecture Area

Umbrella Hakka Cluster Architecture Area

Publication Date:2016/07/01
Last updated:2020/10/15

Reconstructed in the crown shape of rainforests, the Umbrella Hakka Cluster Architecture Area provides shadow to keep earth from over-exposure to the sun, allowing all kinds of tropical plants to grow and human beings to engage in activities. According to historical records, this region was formerly covered with primeval forests under which one may walk for couple of days without seeing the sun.

All the architectures are built with detachable, reusable, and replaceable materials, so that they can be reassembled and readjusted to fit to the spaces, types of usage, configuration and area.

The “Hakka coir rain hat” is used as an imagery to symbolize the shading of Ahou City (Pingtung). Under the protection of the umbrella are Hakka industries and cultural gatherings. In addition, a solar panel is installed on top of the umbrella to provide partial electricity and to achieve energy conservation and carbon reduction. Again, all the constructions under the umbrella are set up with recyclable environmentally friendly building materials.