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Jiuxiang Bagong Area

Jiuxiang Bagong Area

Publication Date:2016/07/01
Last updated:2020/10/15

Jiuxiang Garden Landscape Area and Bagong

The Jiuxiang Garden in which there is a temple to enshrine the founding ancestor Bagong is the main feature of Jiuxiang Bagong Area. It is a custom for Hakka people to worship Bagong by discoid flowers, which are, of course, offered to Bagong when a Hakka family has got a new-born son. The Jiuxiang Bagong Area is configured with regional landscape strips looking like knitted Hakka floral fabric. Often conducted here are outdoor performances that connect arts and culture with the surrounding landscapes.

九香花園景觀區-1 九香花園景觀區-2
九香花園景觀區-3 九香花園景觀區-4