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Sandpit Playground

Sandpit Playground

Publication Date:2016/07/04
Last updated:2020/10/15

Playing in the sand is not only a game but makes the children happy!
Not only can little kids use their hands and feet to feel the change in temperature of the sand but they can also use any other parts of their body to touch sand.

In addition, sand can benefit a child's growth and development in many ways. For example, it can stimulate his or her brain and perception, increase his or her awareness of spatial relationships, improve his or her hand coordination through practice, promote the development of his or her hand muscle, boost his or her creativity, and so on and so forth. In addition, playing in the sand can raise emotional satisfaction and increase the affinity between parents and children.

As playing in the sand has so many benefits, please take you kids to play sand now!
PS: The sandpit playground is 40 to 60 cm deep, and the surrounding waterways are regularly cleaned and disinfected every monthly.