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Breastfeeding Room

Breastfeeding Room

Publication Date:2016/07/04
Last updated:2020/10/15

Management Rules

  1. This breastfeeding room is equipped with a refrigerator, in which only breast milk and its related products can be placed. The refrigerator shall be cleaned once a week and kept in effective functioning at any time.
  2. Non-breastfeeding person is not allowed to enter this breastfeeding room.
  3. Information or educational materials about breastfeeding shall be collected and made available at any time.
  4. The diaper changing station shall be used with caution. Please put the used diaper into the trash can.
  5. This breastfeeding room is open from 09:00 am to 17:00 pm, Tuesday to Sunday. After use, please do not lock the door but return all the materials and equipment into place and keep the room clean and tidy.
  6. This breastfeeding room is equipped with the following basic equipment:
    1.  2 sofa chairs
    2.  3 lidded trash cans
    3.  1 diaper changing station
    4.  1 washbasin
    5.  1 refrigerator
    6.  1 wooden cabinet
    7.  Emergency bells
    8.  1 water dispenser
  7. Please take care of your own personal valuables.
  8. Please contact the Service Counter of Administration Center for any other related issues.

Tel: 08-7230100*200

Caring services

  1. In need of a diaper, please obtain it from the left side of the Service Counter.
  2. Offered at the Service Counter are also parent-child story books, which you can obtain from the right side of the waiting area to share the joy of reading with your kid(s).