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Traffic Information

Traffic Information

Publication Date:2018/07/16
Last updated:2022/06/30

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◆Taiwan Hakka Museum



  • Taiwan Hakka Museum and Culture and Tourism Bureau Miaoli County negotiating that Tongluo line of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle include Taiwan Hakka Museum, So our Shuttle service stop from 1st July 2021, Thank you for your support and ride, sorry for the inconvenience.

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  1. Freeway No.1 (Sun Yat-sen Freewa):
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  2. Freeway No.3 (Formosa Freeway):
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    2. Google Map (Northward)



Car Parking LotBus Parking Lot IndicatorBus Parking Lot

Museum Paid Parking Lot: Car / 122 ($50 NTD/time)
Handicapped Parking Lot: Car / 4  (Free)
Tongke 1st Road Free parking Lot: Bus / 20 (Free); Car / 24 (Free)


  1. It takes about 5 minutes by taxi from the Tongluo Railway Station to the Park.
  2. The surrounding area of Taiwan Hakka Culture Museum has been unable to park on the road since January 12, 2007. In order to maintain the safety of tourists, the museum plans a simple parking lot on the Tongke Road.