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1st Special Exhibition Hall: Meu Zii Jin Siin – The Exhibition of Hakka and Basketball in Miaoli

Publication Date:2022-05-09
Last updated:2022-11-16

From the major basketball tournaments in Taiwan to the brilliant record of the Meu Zii, we tell of how Miaoli basketball stepped up to the big stage and moved towards the golden chapter of its history.

3rd Special Exhibition Hall (Children’s Museum)

Publication Date:2017-11-10
Last updated:2021-04-12

4th The Fourth Special Exhibition Hall-Imagery Taiwan:An Outsider’s Gaze at Taiwan’s Landscape and Products

Publication Date:2022-09-16
Last updated:2022-11-14

Since the 17th century, various imperial powers started to view Taiwan from their own viewpoints. This exhibition explores Taiwan through the maps made by these empires and products specifically on display with the course of history in two different explanatory threads. The first thread, “the gaze of the empires,” namely, from the Dutch East Indian Company, Qing Dynasty to Empire of Japan, demonstrates how these imperial regimes investigated the geographical features and social customs of Taiwan via the angles of sovereign governance.

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