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Exhibition Review

7th Special Exhibition Hall - Braving the Hi Hakka Island

Publication Date:2017/07/05
Last updated:2021/04/07

Special Exhibition for “Braving the Hi Hakka Island” has been open to the public since February 6, 2016.

This mysterious and fantastic adventure into the "Hakka Digital Exploration Park" combines the virtual museums with the physical exhibitions. It is also very educational. So, hurry up! Come to Miaoli Hakka Cultural Park to join Old Uncle, Adi KWU and Se AMEI to take a ride on the "iHakka Dreamliner" to brave the Hi Hakka Island and win small gifts after you break through all the checkpoints.

Hakka Digital Exploration Park(

1. Welcome to Hi Hakka Island

Se AMEI: I heard there is a very mysterious and very fun place in Miaoli called "Hi Hakka Island."

Adi KWU: Really? What kind of island is that?

Old Uncle: Ha, ha, ha! You have also heard that? The legendary Hi Hakka Island is located in the mountains of Miaoli. A group of Hakka kung-fu (Chinese martial arts) masters are living in the Hi Hakka Castle on the island. They have already guarded an important treasure for generations. Only the brave that pass through their tests can get that treasure.

Adi KWU and Se AMEI: Wow! There are treasures! Old Uncle! Old Uncle! Please take us to the adventure now and quickly!

Upon entering the Hi Hakka Castle, you see a small animal sitting in the observation hut to guard the narrow pass. Do you know what animal it is?

2. “Braving the Hi Hakka Island” is a multiplayer game

It is combined with the fun of Monopoly game for your better understanding of Hakka culture and the living wisdom of Hakka people. In the game, you throw dices to take a task, solve the problems and challenge the chance / fate.

3. Task checkpoint ─ Legend of Tu-niou-gou (earth-oxen trench)

Tu-niou-gou (earth-oxen trench) is a boundary between Han Chinese and the indigenous people during the reign of Qing Dynasty. Han Chinese dug the deep trench with an observation hut at the side to deter mutual intrusion.

To facilitate the excavation, Han Chinese would put the excavated soil along the trench. As the mound looked like an oxen from a long distance, it was called "Tu-niou (earth-oxen)" and the six-foot-deep trench was called "Tu-niou-gou," which was a boundary between not only human beings and space but also cultural life. Almost all the Tu-niou-gou has been refilled or converted to other uses nowadays. The only well-preserved historical site is the Cao-nan Reservoir in Yangmei Township, Taoyuan County.

4. Task checkpoint ─ Time to serve tea

Feng-cha-ting (tea-serving booth)

“Feng-cha-ting (tea-serving booth)” is a unique cultural landscape in Hakka villages. In the early days, all the crops and all living materials relied on human porters to carry in and out of inaccessible mountainous areas. Sympathetic about their hard working, local people set up Feng-cha-ting (tea-serving booth) on specific spots along the trails, and Hakka women had to get up early in the morning to prepare tea, carry it to the booth and pour it into a large earthenware pot or cylinder. So the porters and passers-by could take a rest while drinking tea at the Feng-cha-ting.

Secret inside tea pots or cylinders

One small meticulous design was that the tea preparing Hakka women would put rice bran on top of the tea water, so that the porters or pedestrians must first poke away the rice bran before they could scoop out the tea. It was a considerate design to prevent the thirsty and breathless porters or pedestrians from rushing and choking.

5. Chance / Fate

There are 5 “chance” checkpoints and 5 “fate” tests. Do you want to move forward or backward or go to another castle to search for answers?

6. Painting your own dream Hakka villages

Do you live in a Hakka village, in the neighborhood of a Hakka village, or have you visited Hakka villages? Come to the Hi Hakka Castle to draw down your own Hakka-village dream home and invite small squirrels, deer, wild boars and masked palm civets to share your dream home. ~

7. I am preparing delicious dishes at Hi Hakka Kitchen

People living in the Hi Hakka Island are good at cooking. Welcome to Hi Hakka Kitchen to learn how to cook after our most dexterous granny! Today, we are going to prepare a full table of delicious Hakka dishes. All our relatives and friends are warmly invited to enjoy the delicacies!

8. God worshiping

To thank heaven and earth and deities, our granny will also teach you how to prepare 5 dry ingredients, 5 wet ingredients, 3 sacrifices, fruits and other offerings.

Introduction to the Altar and offerings

Upper table ─ dedicated to the worship of Jade Emperor

You need to prepare vegan offerings, such as flowers, candles, tea, ginger, salt, 5 dry ingredients (lilies, black fungus, bamboo shoots, cellophane noodles, mushrooms), 5 wet ingredients (sugar, colored sugar, orange candy, soft candy, sugar melon), birthday peach bun, birthday noodles, candy, sugar tower.

Lower table ─ dedicated to the worship of deities in the Three Realms

Offerings include 3 sacrifices (mostly whole chicken, whole fish, piece of pork), fruit, sweet Ban, yeast rice cake, radish Ban, round Ban, red Ban and the like