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Exhibition Review

1st Special Exhibition Hall - Hakka people in Indonesia and Thailand

Publication Date:2014/04/17
Last updated:2021/04/07

1st Special Exhibition Hall - Hakka people in Indonesia and Thailand "World’s Museum"

About this exhibition:

Following the footsteps of their ancestors, many Hakka people went overseas to Indonesia and Thailand, hoping to make their dream come true in far-away foreign countries.

Global Pavilion

Focusing on Indonesia and Thailand, this exhibition showcases a series of different themes, including history, population and industrial distribution, religion, festivals, daily life, and so forth. It also showcased how different ethnic groups were in conflict and moved towards gradual integration and assimilation to breed a new Hakka culture, in which Hakka traditions are not only maintained but also intermingled with local culture.

Indonesia and Thailand Exhibition

"Hakka people in Indonesia and Thailand" shows the process in which the Hakka people have transplanted their own culture to Indonesia and Thailand, what their current situations are, and how they have been affected in different regions. Visitors to this exhibition shall be able to feel the similarities and differences caused by region and how unique Hakka culture appears in foreign countries.

Indonesia Exhibition

Engaged in gold mining, many Hakka people moved from Jiaying, Guangdong, China to West Borneo, Indonesia in the 18th century. After the 1860s, Bangkok, Thailand also became a hotspot for Hakka immigration. As flocks and flocks of Hakka people emigrated, they brought along their own language, culture, and ethnic consciousness from homeland to another country, whose rulers were consequently challenged in adjusting their ethnic policies. This exhibition intends to reproduce the current status of Hakka people living in Indonesia and Thailand and to explore how they have integrated themselves with the local communities. It is hoped that after we understand the history of Hakka ethnic groups in Indonesia and Thailand, we can learn more about overseas Hakka people and how they continue to shed the seeds of Hakka culture around the world.

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