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Exhibition Review

Art Gallery - "Memories of the Old Mountain Line" Digital Exhibition of Old Railway

Publication Date:2018/05/17
Last updated:2021/04/07

Exhibition time: May 17th, 2018 to August 30th

Venue: Art Gallery, Taiwan Hakka Museum, Hakka Culture Development Center (No.6, Tongke South Road, Jiouhu Village, Tongluo Township, Miaoli County)


About the exhibition:

    Black and white photos of old stations in Shengxing, Sanyi and Tai’an from decades ago can spark nostalgic thoughts almost immediately; The Taiwan Hakka Museum, Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center, Hakka Affairs Council hosted the ‘Art Gallery – Window of Hakkas’, a digital exhibition of old photographs in May 17th, 2018 under the theme of ‘Memories of the Old Mountain Line’. People are invited to travel back in time into the world of Hakka villages, to experience the beautiful railway culture of old mountain line.

  ‘Old Mountain Line’ is potential world heritage site in Taiwan. Trains start from Sanyi Station, going through Sheingxing Station, Tai’an Station, Longteng Broken Bridge, Liyu Lake Bridge, Daan Creek Bridge and many other tunnels. With its majestic terrain and varied landscapes, the line is one of the most distinctive section of the railway line in Taiwan. It has an irreplaceable position in the development of Taiwan’s railway civilization and historical value.

Full shot ‘Memories of the Old Mountain Line’simulation old train station

    This special exhibition is based on the old photos of the ‘Platform’, ‘Station’ and ‘Train’ of the digital collection of the Center. The retro station and platforms are pieced together to create a nostalgic atmosphere, while incorporating Hakka nursery rhymes for the element of fun in the exhibition. Each digital image presented in the exhibition is paired with a guided QRcode, which can be scanned with a mobile phone to link to the collection management system of the Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center, so as to gain access to information of the photo to learn more about the story behind each image.

Exhibit old photos about trainsold train ticket

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