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Exhibition Review

7th Special Exhibition Hall (Virtual Reality Experience Hall)

Publication Date:2019/06/11
Last updated:2021/10/12
7th Special Exhibition Hall (Virtual Reality Experience Hall) 主圖


Exhibition Time: From now on

Exhibition Venue: Virtual Reality Experience Hall, Soil & Water Conversation Bureau, Taiwan Hakka Museum, Hakka Culture Develop Center (No.6, Tongke S. Rd., Jiouhu Village, Tongluo Township, Miaoli County)

Curatorial Philosophy

  The Taichung Branch of Soil and Water Conversation Bureau Council of Agriculture of Executive Yuan and Hakka Culture Development Center of Hakka Affairs Council cooperate through innovative technologies such as virtual reality and somatosensory interaction, to provide the MR game "Immediate Rescue", the somatosensory theater "Meet the Elf Soil", 3D cinema "Small Man Searched for Dragons", etc. for people to experience the fun of technology and water conservation.


Soil and Water Conservation Game APP "Water and Soil Conservation Battle"

  We have designed four images of elves, including Water, Soil, Protection and Conservation, and integrated the content of soil and water conversation (reasonable use of the land, improvement of the agricultural land production environment, prevention of water and soil disasters, comprehensive management of watersheds, prevention of wind erosion, maintenance of desert reforest and ecological balance) and working methods (agronomic methods, vegetative methods and engineering methods) into the game to enhance the liveliness and fun while breaking the barriers in the game, to increase the user’s experiences of interaction, and to raise the affinity of people of different ages.


• Barrier 1. Adventure of Elf "Water" Elf: Human development has hindered the water cycle, so we need to keep the water circulation flowing smoothly by implementing the method of planting and the recovering the evaporation and evapotranspiration in the pond.


• Barrier 2. Adventure of "Soil": we need to improve soil erosion and landslides and to increase water supply in the watersheds by taking agronomic methods, planting methods and engineering methods.


• Barrier 3. Battle of “Protection” of the Slope: Green excavator is operating with the application for soil and water conservation plan, but red excavator is without the application. So, we need to click on the illegal excavator and report to the relative authorities to break this barrier. At the same time, we can announce and propagate the Complaint Lines.


• Barrier 4. “Continue” the Soil and Water Conservation Education: we will listen to the songs of soil and water conservation first and then complete filling in the blanks with correct lyrics so that we can strengthen the water conservation concept.


• Barrier 5. Prevent Disaster and Rescue in the Mudslide: When the red warning of the mudslide is issued, the player must assist the evacuation of valuable life and property to understand the importance of evacuating and taking shelter when mudslide attacks.


MR Game “Immediate Rescue”

  The game is divided into three levels, where the player will be transformed into a "giant". The first level is to plant trees: the player need to plant trees that are conducive to soil and water conservation in the collapsed mountain area so that we can reduce the erosion of heavy rain; the second level is to conserve the soil: the player needs to use the syringe to extract nutrients and to inject into the rotten tree roots for repair; the third level is to collect the water: players must complete the difficult task of collecting water by pumping groundwater into the collection wells. After completing the three tasks, the player can become a small soldier in soil and water conservation.



Somatosensory Theater "Meet the Elf Soil"

  The film enables the audiences to be travelers taking a tour in the forests. During the process of visiting the forest, we will meet the elf soil and becomes good friends. By taking a trip in the forest with the elf soil, we can see the beauty of the forest resources and realize the importance to keep the forests healthy.


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