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Exhibition Review

5th Special Exhibition Hall - Sounds of Ceramics, Echoes of Wood: The Pottery Craft of Hsieh Hung-ta

Publication Date:2019/04/03
Last updated:2022/11/14

From: April 3–June 3, 2019
At: 5th Special Exhibition Hall

Concept: Remembering the late Hakka pottery artist Hsieh Hung-ta, who dedicated himself to the passing on and innovation of local Hakka ceramic art culture. The Hakka Affairs Council’s Hakka Culture Development Center in partnership with Hsieh’s family held the exhibition “Sounds of Ceramics, Echoes of Wood: The Pottery Art of Hsieh Hung-ta” from April 3 to June 3, 2019, at the Taiwan Hakka Museum’s 5th Special Exhibition Hall. The exhibition gave the public the opportunity to see Hsieh’s unique creations up close, with the intent to introduce more people to Miaoli’s ceramics culture and the beauty of pottery.

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