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3rd Special Exhibition Hall (Children’s Museum)

3rd Special Exhibition Hall(Children’s Museum)

Publication Date:2016/07/05
Last updated:2021/01/15

Recreation in Hakka villages – Exploring wisdom of life and festive life in Hakka villages


Recreation in Hakka villagesEDM

With “Recreation in Hakka Villages” as the central theme, the exhibition identified each unique elements of Hakka lifestyle and created the Kitchen Experience Zone, Lei Cha DIY, Hakka Dragon VR Pavilion, Land Life Zone, Sunny-Day Farming and Rainy-Day Reading Zone, and Fairy Tales Secret Base. Through "Learning with Fun" and Parent-Child interaction, we are hoping to give all a gratifying experience in this museum.


Bombing the Dragon VR Pavilion

The “Greeting Dragon” VR experiential hall is a VR experiential service that is developed based on the picture book “The fire-sided dragon awaiting the Chinese new year”. This hall includes the 10-meters wide animation “The fire-sided dragon in human’s world”, the interactive touch game “The fire-sided dragon coloring”, and the VR experience with google “The fire-sided dragon VR interactive experience”. The VR service allows children to travel to the story of the picture book and be a part of it. Out of the experiential hall, there is also a short movie of “Tong Flower Festival” that explains the deep relationship between deciduous tree and Hakka.

After leaving the pavilion, the “Tung Blossom Festival” animation introduces the origin of the festival, which concludes the experience.




Kitchen Experience Zone

Kitchen Experience Zone -
Parents can team up with kids in a Hakka cuisine challenge and learn about twenty-five different classic Hakka dishes and their cultural background.

Lei Cha DIY-
Through touch-screen interactive experience, try pounding Lei Cha yourself and enjoy this unique Hakka tea tradition.

Kitchen Experience Zone (full shot)Interactive machineKitchen Experience ZoneDIY hakka green tea interactive area


Land Life Zone

The main features in the Land Life Zone include ducks swimming in the rice paddies, water wheels and rivers. There is the Words Respect Pavilion, showing respect for paper with words printed on it. Bagong dolls is also here that children can pray to Bagong for good luck and take pictures with the Bagong dolls.

Land Life Zone


Sunny-Day Farming and Rainy-Day Reading Zone

This Zone is equipped with reading area, Hakka language e-learning area, and teaching-aids operation area, which is a learn-with-fun space for parents and kids.

Sunny-Day Farming and Rainy-Day Reading Zone


Fairy Tales Secret Base

Every child has a secret base in mind. Come to this fantastic Hakka mountains and forests and many fun adventures are waiting for you!

1. Braving the Hakka Village, a multimedia game, will teach you the life wisdom of our ancestors.

2. Surrealism of Fantasy will bring you into Hakka mountains and forests, with many early-day animals like masked palm civets, muntjac, red deer surrounding you.

3. Secret base, touch-control Magic Box shows the ecosystem of Hakka mountains and forests, with fireflies, tree-climbing lizards, frogs, long-horned grasshoppers being all there. You can experience the beauty of a summer forest by your eyes, ears, and hands.

4. Hakka Fairy Tales Village is a storytelling theater with a digital Q-Bagong. Q-Bagong will tell you many wonderful stories.

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