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Welcoming the Year of the Dragon with Spring Festival Activities

Publication Date:2024-03-15
Last updated:2024-03-15

2023 Hakka coming-of-age ceremony

Publication Date:2023-06-12
Last updated:2023-07-25

aiwan Hakka Museum as the celebratory ceremony completed with the song of the Hakka spirit, the students were given bamboo baskets full of gifts that symbolized blessings from various sectors of society.

THCDC, NMH sign collaboration agreement and kick off floral-themed exhibition

Publication Date:2022-01-16
Last updated:2022-11-03

Reality puzzle-solving activities

Publication Date:2021-05-07
Last updated:2022-02-17

Masters in the Aihua escort gather! This is the cradle of many super five-star players. And even the little ones in Aihua escort families and come to the site.

“Hakka History – 2020 Taiwan Hakka and oral history workshop

Publication Date:2020-09-15
Last updated:2022-02-16

Dedicating itself to promoting historical investigation, research, collection, and displaying of Hakka items, the Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center is holding the “Hakka History – 2020 Taiwan Hakka and oral history” workshop in conjunction with the Taiwan Historica and Taiwan Oral History Society on September 12th, 2020 (Saturday) to excavate the precious cultural assets of the Hakka people and enrich people’s knowledge of folk life and history.

The opening ceremony of the Liudui 300th anniversary celebration convention

Publication Date:2020-08-29
Last updated:2022-02-16

The convention of the establishment of a committee to prepare of the Liudui 300th anniversary celebration is scheduled to be convened on August 29th, 2020.

Handmade Hakka steamed vegetable bun program

Publication Date:2020-07-19
Last updated:2022-02-16

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