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1st special exhibition room (The Pioneer ‘Wenqi He’s Artistic Life’ )

Publication Date:2018-05-29
Last updated:2020-12-18

The word ‘Pioneer’ refers to ‘the person that first discover or help develop something new, make exemplary examples for others, or pave the way for others to follow’.

4th special exhibition room (The baking smell for a hundred years – tobacco house)

Publication Date:2017-08-25
Last updated:2020-12-18

Tobacco house is a place that was used to dry the green and fresh tobacco leaves into the yellow and light form.

5th special exhibition room (Grinding area)

Publication Date:2017-08-17
Last updated:2020-12-18

rinding area is the workshop that make paddy into polished white rice. It is the symbol of the ancient Liudui people’s hardworking and sweating.

1st special exhibition room (1/F of the multimedia building) – Away from home, fly high, Run Liudui

Publication Date:2017-03-30
Last updated:2020-12-18

Baseball has almost 90 years of history in Liudui. Some baseball-elite school like Meiho Senior High School was the 11 times champion of Taiwan Teenage Baseball Championship and ....

Underground River flows thousands of miles to bless the Hakka villages - Special Exhibition of Front Dui (Dui = Camp or Team)

Publication Date:2016-06-21
Last updated:2020-12-18

Crossing the mountains and sailing across the dark waters (Taiwan Straits), the Hakka people moved from their mountainous hometowns to the Pingtung Plain covered by dense forests 300 years ago...

A Vast Expanse of Fertile Land — Special Exhibition for Neipu Hakka Village

Publication Date:2016-06-21
Last updated:2020-12-18

"A Vast Expanse of Fertile Land - Special Exhibition for Neipu Hakka Village" showcases the documentary records of how each ethnic group has conducted land reclamation in Pingtung Plain and...

Treasure hidden in Hakka villages —Liudui New Tea Special Exhibition

Publication Date:2016-06-21
Last updated:2020-12-18

When our ancestors moved from their mountainous hometowns to Taiwan, they brought along tea seeds and tea processing technology...

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