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Northside of the permanent exhibition - "Walking by. The Liudui Hakka village cultural picture exhibition"

Publication Date:2021-09-13
Last updated:2022-11-28

Liudui was derived from the determination to protect a homeland and build it into a promised land that can be found nowhere on the map. Although it is not an actual administrative region, it has crossed an official boundary; Liudui has become a spiritual indicator of Hakka in southern Taiwan and the unique name of a lost hometown.

4th special exhibition room (The baking smell for a hundred years – tobacco house)

Publication Date:2016-08-17
Last updated:2021-10-12

Tobacco house is a place that was used to dry the green and fresh tobacco leaves into the yellow and light form.

5th special exhibition room (Grinding area)

Publication Date:2016-08-17
Last updated:2023-07-25

rinding area is the workshop that make paddy into polished white rice. It is the symbol of the ancient Liudui people’s hardworking and sweating.

Hakka Land Liudui Small Planet – Children’s Museum

Publication Date:2018-05-29
Last updated:2021-10-12

1st special exhibition room (EVOLVING TAIWANESE)

Publication Date:2023-11-01
Last updated:2023-11-01

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