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THCDC’s Taiwan Hakka Museum & Liugdui Hakka Cultural Park reach record-breaking visitor numbers

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2024/01/09
  • Last updated:2024/01/09
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THCDC’s Taiwan Hakka Museum & Liugdui Hakka Cultural Park reach record-breaking visitor numbers 展示圖 The Liugdui Hakka Cultural Park Has Reached 9.99 Million Visitors Milestone

The Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center (THCDC) of the Hakka Affairs Council opened the Taiwan Hakka Museum (臺灣客家文化館) and the Liugdui Hakka Cultural Park (六堆客家文化園) in 2012 and 2011 respectively. Until the last weekend in November 2023, the former had drawn 8.88 million visitors since its opening while the latter recorded 9.99 million. The active visitor participation in Hakka cultural events at the two venues allow people to create precious memories and enrich Hakka culture.

Located in the Tungluo Township (銅鑼鄉), Miaoli County, the Taiwan Hakka Museum reached the record of 8.88 million visitors on Nov. 25, 2023. Celebrating the chrysanthemum season, the museum also organized a tour titled “Walk into Hakka Villages and Read the Story of Yiwei (行腳客庄 行讀乙未故事),” taking the visitors to Hakka cultural spots and the historical trails formed during the Yiwei War (乙未戰爭) in 1895. Meanwhile, 9.99 million people had visited the Liugdui Hakka Cultural Park located in Pingtung County until Nov. 26, 2023, on the same day that the Liugdui Autumn Harvest Festival (六堆秋收祭) was held. During the festival, the park recorded 70 thousand visitors who took part in several activities, such as visiting Hakka cultural attractions, vegetable picking, and puffed rice snack making workshops. Immersed in the festive atmosphere, the visitors were able to dive deeper into Hakka culture and understand the vision of the park.

The core value of the Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center is to promote the rich Hakka culture. By inviting the public to experience the Hakka culture and learn the Hakka language in the two venues, the Center hopes to create conversations through multiple ways and different activities. Besides, the residents of the Hakka villages also play pivotal roles in connecting the public with the culture, by discovering and telling new stories that happened locally.

THCDC Director-General Ho Chin-liang (何金樑) highlighted that they are delighted to see the Hakka culture is well received by the people, noting that over the past 12 years, the Hakka Museum and the Hakka Cultural Park have been showcasing different parts of Hakka history to the public. Not only do visitors from other parts of Taiwan make their trips to the museum and the park, he added, but international tourists and scholars also stop by to learn more about the unique culture. He hopes that more people from all walks of life can come by to have a traditional yet refreshing Hakka experience.