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Library Materials Center

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  • Publication Date:2018/11/22
  • Last updated:2024/02/15
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Main page of Library Materials Center:

Resource Discovery System:
Provide a single search interface similar to that of Google. Readers can integrate all kinds of resources (including library collection catalog, electronic resources, digital collection system, etc.) through this interface.

E-resource Integrated Catalog:
Provide readers with integrated catalog services for electronic resources, including databases, electronic journals, e-books, online resources, etc.

The start

    Taiwan Hakka Museum, Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center, Hakka Affairs Council is positioned as a research and communication center for Hakka academics, cultural and industrial researchers. Thereby, it is set up with a ‘Library Materials Center’, which was officially launched on May 28th, 2012. The Center’s goal is to collect books, periodicals, audio-visual materials and electronic resources related to Hakka studies, so as to provide readers with research and utilization purposes, and to support researches and developments of the Park’s businesses.

The materials collected and displayed by the ‘Library Materials Center’ are precious and rare, thereby the information is only available for viewing inside of the Library; for convenience of research and utilization of such materials, photocopying services within the scope of legal regulations will be provided. Based on the concept of resource exchange and sharing, the Center plans to establish inter-library cooperation with libraries of local universities and related research institutes in the future to provide services for a larger population, thereby introducing more people to the unique Hakka cultures.


Library area
Collection of Chinese and English books, reference books, papers, research reports, etc. related to Hakka.

 Library area

Periodical area
Collection of journals and community newspapers related to Hakka.

Periodical area

Reading area
Equipped with reading tables for 2 and 4 people. The seats are equipped with sockets and wireless internet services. Readers can use their own mobile devices such as personal laptops and tablets.

Reading area

Computer search area
Provide readers with library catalogs and Hakka-related electronic resources.

Computer search area use situation


Audio-visual area
Audio-visual area Collection of audio-visual materials on various Hakka related themes, including music, drama, TV programs, Hakka language teaching, etc. The area is also equipped with Music area, Personal audio-visual area, 3-person audio-visual area, Audio-visual room (can host up to 7 people) and Audio-visual hall (can host up to 36 people). Readers can borrow audio-visual materials and equipment from the reference counter with their reading passes.

Audio-visual area

Audiovisual room

Research rooms
Allow readers to use library collection for Hakka related researches.

Research rooms