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Summer Hakka Culture Artistry Happy Learning Everyone Happily Speaking Hakka

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2015/07/08
  • Last updated:2020/10/15
  • Count Views:715
Hakka Affairs Council choose 25 elementary and junior high schools during the summer vacation to execute the “Summer Hakka Culture Artistry Happy Learning Program”, hoping through teaching methods differs from those used during semester, combined with each school’s characteristics, letting every to get familiar with Hakka and happily speaks Hakka through the fun and vibrant activities of the Hakka culture artistry program.   Minister Liu indicates the “Summer Hakka Culture Artistry Happy Learning Program” does not focus on Hakka language teaching, but hoping through learning and operating the skills of Hakka culture artistry, accompanied by teachers’ timely teaching in Hakka language, students can learn the language happily in natural environment without pressure, getting use to the language, and happily speak the Hakka language. In the future, the Council can deliberate with the local governments of the future integration of related resources, teaching materials, teachers, classrooms etc., and allocate according to the Hakka population distribution in urban area to implement the Hakka language’s goal of rooting.