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Activity Outcome

Tobacco field, where you can collect the tobaccos.

Publication Date:2019/02/16
Last updated:2020/10/15
Tobacco field, where you can collect the tobaccos. 主圖

In the past, the tobacco industry had great beneficial effects on the economic development of Liudui Hakka villages and thus improved the lives of the rural areas. However, with the decline of the tobacco industry, the scenes which the tobacco farmers collect the tobaccos in the fields have been the history. In order to let people understand the traditional industry in the Hakka villages, Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center holds the activity of Hakka village industry education promotion activity, “Funny Collection of Tobaccos”.


The Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center especially displays the old photos of the former tobacco buildings. Besides, people can learn more about the rise and fall of the tobacco industry, the Hakka humanistic spirit by experiencing in person. When children were gripping the tobacco leaves together, they shouted, “The tobacco leaves are so big. When they are gripped together, they are so heavy!” In the past, after the tobaccos were collected, the tools for gripping the leaves and the tobacco leaves weighed over 50 kg. The participants couldn’t help but say, “The tobacco farmers are very hard-working!”


In addition to experiencing tobacco collection and tobacco gripping, some creative elements are also added. They organize some funny games. Participants use their tobacco leaves collected by themselves to pass the balloons to the designated location. Everyone has a very great time.





Participants took a big group photo.Experiencing the collection of the tobaccos in the field.The heavy collected tobacco leaves are held with the carrying poles.Picking out the tobaccos.Participants took a big group photo again.The activity of experiencing tobacco collection was finished!