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The Rise of Women’s Status in Hakka Social Ritual—The Results of the Series 1

Publication Date:2019-09-06
Last updated:2020-12-14

Sharing Forum on Eco-museum

Publication Date:2019-08-23
Last updated:2020-12-14

2019 the First Mascot Competition.

Publication Date:2019-08-07
Last updated:2020-10-15

2019 Hakka Tung Blossom Festival—Listening to Tung Blossom Concert

Publication Date:2019-04-20
Last updated:2020-10-15

Tobacco field, where you can collect the tobaccos.

Publication Date:2019-02-16
Last updated:2020-10-15

Activities of Hagu’s New Year debut

Publication Date:2019-02-10
Last updated:2020-10-15

Guest Zhuang Spring Festival, good luck for a whole year

Publication Date:2019-01-19
Last updated:2020-10-15

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