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Sharing Forum on Eco-museum

Publication Date:2019/08/23
Last updated:2020/12/14
Sharing Forum on Eco-museum 主圖

Under the premise that the Liudui Park hopes to continue to promote the concept of Eco-museum, it is necessary to help the institutes and communities of Hakka villages know what an “Eco-museum” is. Starting from the Park, if the concept of the eco-museum is connected to the local areas in a cooperative way, then Liudiu Eco-museum will be created through cultural connections and Hakka village memories.

For sharing the concept of Eco-museum in the forum, we invite Lanyang Museum of Yilan County to share its planning and promotion experience. Besides, Assistant Professor Zhen-Hui Liu of Providence University shares the case of how Houtong Coal Mine Ecological Park promotes the concept of Eco-museum from the local perspective. Also, Mr. Ho, the Director of the Center shares the related operational resources about the Eco-museum in Liudiu Park.


Response from Director Ho Chin LiangResponse from Director Ho Chin Liang 1Response from Director Ho Chin Liang 2The forum for sharing and the lecturer Xin-Lan HongThe local factory raises questions.Chiu Hsiu Lan, the supervisor of Lanyang Museum