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Promoting ancient Hakka rice culture.Sanyi Fire Cloud Dragon Festival opening ceremony

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2015/07/31
  • Last updated:2020/10/15
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To continue ancient Hakka rice culture, the "Sanyi Fire Cloud Dragon Festival 1040605-1" straw offering took place on the night of 4 June at the central plaza of the GuanSheng Temple in Sanyi country’s Shuang Tan district. Ceremonies of inviting the dragon, welcoming the dragon and eye opening were conducted, launching the commencement of a 5-day series of activities.  In his speech, Minister Liu commented the Sanyi Fire Cloud Dragon Festival not only integrates rice and straw with the Hakka spirit but also works with Sanyi's misty environment to infuse the fire cloud dragon with a rich and old taste of Hakka feel. This atmosphere is one that only those who attend personally can experience. Seeing young enthusiasts of cultural history take careful notes of prayer for blessing rites with incense, Liu expressed his wish of seeing young Hakkas care more for the local culture of the Hakka farmsteads, so that Hakka rice culture can continue to be passed on. The Hakka Affairs Council will also continue to work hand in hand with everyone to continue promoting Hakka traditional culture unique to various areas.  The "Sanyi Fire Cloud Dragon Festival" is one of the events of the "12 major festivities of the Hakka farmstead", featuring spectacular and bustling activities, all are welcome to come to Sanyi to enjoy this Hakka folk culture carnival