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“Hakka Pop Music Awards” Contest - Finding the Future Star of the Hakka Pop Music

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2015/07/20
  • Last updated:2020/10/28
  • Count Views:742
Minister Liu indicated that, in order to promote the Hakka language, the Hakka Affairs Council would continue to hold events such as Hakka life school, Hakka culture artistry happy learning, Hakka language ability certification, Hakka language heritage tutor and more. This time, in accordance to the Executive Yuan’s policy objective of “Finding Paths for Young People", the Council specially planned the event “Hakka Pop Music Awards”, hoping by using the method closest to the young generation’s life style and infuse the learning of the Hakka language in to music composition. This would hopefully enable young people, regardless of their ethnic group, to naturally familiarize themselves with Hakka and its learning through the melody.   In order to continue cultivating outstanding Hakka music talents, a series of “All-dimension Hakka Singer Training Camp” training courses were arranged, inviting teachers famous in the entertainment industry to give lessons on music concepts, entertainment media ecology, star-glamor training, physical training, modeling makeup, performance arts development, and share performance trainee experiences sessions, thereby expanding the vision and the possibilities of performance for Hakka musicians, enhancing the visibility of Hakka pop music and activating the Hakka music market.   Applications for the “Hakka Pop Music Awards” contest will be accepted until 20th September. Please refer to the official website for the information of the related event, the Facebook fan page of Hakka Pop Music, or ~i-Hakka!~Hakka Affairs Council fan page.