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【Announcement】Hakka physician receives posthumous recognition for medical, charity work

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2020/05/16
  • Last updated:2020/12/14
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Accompanied by Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) Minister Lee Yung-de, President Tsai Ing-wen visited Gongguan Township, Miaoli County on May 15 to attend the funeral of Hsieh Chun-mei (謝春梅), a dedicated physician who practiced medicine in his hometown and protected the health of residents in Hakka settlements for over 70 years.

Both President Tsai and Minister Lee offered their most sincere condolences to Hsieh’s family, presenting to it presidential citation and HAC certificate in recognition of Hsieh’s lifelong dedication to the local community.

Born in 1922 in Gongguan, Hsieh began his medical career at the age of 16 as an assistant at hospitals and clinics across the Miaoli and Hsinchu areas. He studied hard and passed the national examination for medical doctors during the period of Japanese rule. At the age of 28, Hsieh followed his father’s advice and decided to set up the Fu Chi Clinic (福基診所), providing health services to Hakka villagers in Miaoli.

In earlier times, due to the inconvenient public transportation and lack of adequate health resources in rural regions, Hsieh voluntarily provided medical consultation for many years to those who were sick and unable to afford medical bills in neighboring villages. He was the oldest practicing doctor in the country as he was still treating patients before he was hospitalized a few months ago.

Apart from being a professional physician, Hsieh also actively participated in charitable activities and public affairs. His selfless devotion earned him numerous awards, including the Medical Role Model Award (醫療典範獎), the Medical Devotion Award (醫療奉獻獎), and the Good Samaritan Award (好人好事代表).

The highly praised doctor passed away at the age of 97 on April 29. Hsieh’s long-time contribution and his kind heart and good deeds will be always remembered by local residents.