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【Taiwan Hall Activity】The photography exhibition discovering the beauty of Tongluo is launching at the Taiwan Hakka Museum

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  • Publication Date:2020/07/16
  • Last updated:2020/11/16
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As summer holidays are approaching, a fun trip to Tongluo is the perfect getaway.

Visit the Taiwan Hakka Museum to experience the rustic, leisurely, and comfortable atmosphere and the most breathtaking landscapes of Tongluo under the camera; a sea of daisies as white as snow, the stone slab houses among shiny green waves, and the glow of the setting sun that accentuates the mountains covered with tung blossoms.

There is so much more to enjoy so let’s discover the beauty of Tongluo together.

Visit us at the Taiwan Hakka Museum.


Exhibition period: from July 10th to July 30th, 2020

Venue: Taiwan Hakka Museum - on the front right-hand side of the 5th Special Exhibition Hall


(No.6, Tongke S.Rd., Jiouhu Village, Tongluo Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan)


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