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【Liudui Announcement】Liudui culture and story map workshop

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  • Publication Date:2020/07/06
  • Last updated:2020/11/16
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The purpose of this event is to promote the “centennial historical map of Liudui” to allow local residents to understand the transition and development of the Liudui area and settlement. It is hoped that through communications and collaborative interactions with the public, Liudui Hakka Cultural Park will be permitted to develop collectively with local communities, advance research displays and extend the educational purpose of the eco-museum to march towards the digitization of information and data and enhance the knowledge network that connects local, modern life with history.

This workshop will be centered on the visual presentation of the map of Liudui’s local stories, including elements and development of local society, culture, and history, ranging from important people or surrounding environments, essential cultural spots and relics, to local migration, family stories, settlements and water supplies of the Liudui region. The ultimate purpose is to enhance local knowledge and build interaction mechanisms for Taiwan’s cultural and historical memories, local residents, and literature and history research groups by developing a resource platform and story map for Liudui culture at the Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center.

We encourage elementary schools, junior high schools, and community residents to participate in the event and witness the stories and memories of Liudui for themselves.

  • Course information
  • Time: July 17th, 2020 (Friday) from 9:00 to 17:30

  • Location: First Conference Hall of Liudui Hakka Cultural Park

  • Target participants: Local partners engaging in Liudui cultural study, local literature and history workers, junior high school and elementary schools, and community residents

  • Limited participants: 30 persons

  • Additional information:
  1. Since the content of this course involves discussions and workshops, please bring your own notebook computer.

  2. To meet the requirements of course practices and the aim of this workshop, all participants must prepare and bring basic field research tools (such as maps, devices to take photographs, and text and multimedia files, etc.).

  3. Participants will be divided into four groups.

  4. Since lunch will be served at the workshop, please bring your own reusable food ware and cup.

  5. Contact person: Chang Yun-Shu (at Center for Geographic Information Science, RCHSS, Academia Sinica)

    1. 06-2085404

    2. Email:

  6. All personal information collected is only available to the organizer for use during this event.


  • 辦理單位
  1. Organizer: Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center
  2. Implementer: Center for Geographic Information Science, RCHSS, Academia Sinica (Academia Sinica GIS Center)


Online event registration: link


Poster – 2020 Liudui culture and story map workshop (first conference room)


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