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【Liudui Announcement】Liudui Hakka Cultural Park investment invitation orientation about the “Umbrella Hakka Cluster Architecture Area”

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  • Publication Date:2020/06/17
  • Last updated:2020/11/16
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To allow everyone to understand more about investments and the environment of Liudui Hakka Cultural Park, Taiwan Hakka Cultural Center is holding an investment invitation orientation to which all businesses are welcome to join us.

Scheduled meeting time: June 19th, 2020 (Friday) at 2 pm

Venue: First conference room on the second floor of the administration building at Liudui Hakka Cultural Park

Contact person: Ms. Tseng/contact number: 08-7230100#504/email address:


Taiwan Hakka Cultural Center Council for Hakka Affairs 

The “Umbrella Hakka Cluster Architecture Area”The “Umbrella Hakka Cluster Architecture Area”