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Newly released photography book traces historical thread of Hakka villages in Miaoli

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2021/04/20
  • Last updated:2021/07/14
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Newly released photography book traces historical thread of Hakka villages in Miaoli 展示圖 Hakka Memory Of The Zhonggang River

An event for promoting a 4-volume new book  “Hakka Memory of the Zhonggang River (一鏡到底 中港溪的流光溢影)” was held in Taipei on April 18, joined by Minister Yiong Con-ziin of the Hakka Affairs Council (HAC), Director-General Ho Chin-liang (何金樑) of the Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center (THCDC), President Chen Bang-jen (陳邦畛) of the Hakka Public Communication Foundation (HPCF), HPCF General Manager Hsu Chih-chun (徐智俊), and HPCF Director Chang Tien-wan (張典婉).

Published by THCDC, the set of books illustrates photographic images in Hakka villages and the stories of four old photo studios in the Zhonggang River area, which covers Hsinchu and Miaoli regions. The four studios, all in Miaoli, include Yuguang Photo Studio (玉光照相館) and Nangmei Photo Studio (南美照相館) in Nanzhuang Township and Lin Photo Studio (林照相館) and Coral Photo Studio (珊瑚照相館) in Toufen City.

At the book launch, HAC Minister Yiong said that the Council has continued to conduct historical research on Hakka settlements since 2006 as well as started investigations on local photo studios and digital collections of photographers’ works. As the result that has been collected and organized through systematic investigations, the history of old photo studios in the Zhonggang River area were presented in the book by THCDC, the Minister said.

Noting that the book focuses on precious images of the Hakka villages in the Zhonggang River area, Yiong hopes that local people’s memories of their hometowns in the area will be rekindled as they read the book. With the photo book serving as a catalyst, the Minister expects that more historical photos about the Hakka community can be provided to THCDC to pass down Hakka collective memories.

THCDC Director-General Ho said that, dating back to the time before 1949, these photographs in the book collected from the four studios trace the historical thread of the Hakka villages along Zhonggang River that flows through Miaoli’s Toufen City, townships of Nanzhuang, Sanwan, Zhunan, and Zaoqiao, as well as Hsinchu’s townships of Beipu and Emei.