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Stay home to learn Hakka language during COVID-19 pandemic

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2021/06/10
  • Last updated:2021/07/14
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Stay home to learn Hakka language during COVID-19 pandemic 展示圖 Radio Hosts In A Hakka Radio Program

As schools are closed and classes suspended amidst the worsening COVID-19 pandemic in Taiwan, it is a good time for children and parents to learn the Hakka language at home. According to the audience’s feedback to the Hakka Radio, which is operated by the Hakka Public Communication Foundation (HPCF), many families have the opportunity to get Hakka language immersion education while they are staying home.

Hsu Chih-chun (徐智俊), manager of the Hakka Radio, said that the radio station has diverse, innovative, and entertaining programs with the most professional Hakka broadcasters in the country. There are many wonderful programs suitable for the whole family to listen to, accompanying the audience 24 hours a day, said Hsu, adding that Hakka Radio app is available for people to install. The manager also mentioned that a number of non-Hakka audiences can learn to speak the Hakka language through Hakka Radio, which creates an immersive Hakka language environment and introduces people to the world of Hakka culture.

According to HPCF, Liu Rong-xin (劉榮信), one of the Hakka Radio listeners who is the president of Folk Culture Promotion Association in Pingtung’s Xinyuan Township, thanked the radio station for producing and broadcasting excellent programs. Listening to Hakka Radio while driving the car, Liu, a Hoklo, has learned a new language, and he even passed the basic-level certification of Hakka language proficiency.

Apart from Hakka Radio, there are other resources for learning the Hakka language. The followings are the websites for people to self-learn the Hakka language online while staying at home during the pandemic.