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International Hakka symposium on Liudui history held online

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2021/06/12
  • Last updated:2021/07/14
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International Hakka symposium on Liudui history held online 展示圖 The Opening Ceremony Online Was Joined By HAC Minister Yiong Con Ziin,

Subsidized by the Hakka Affairs Council (HAC), the 2021 international symposium on Liudui’s 300 years history, which was originally scheduled to be held at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) on June 3 and 4, was converted into a virtual event due to the worsening COVID-19 situation in Taiwan.

The opening ceremony online was joined by HAC Minister Yiong Con-ziin, Pingtung County Magistrate Pan Meng-an (潘孟安), NPUST President Tai Chang-hsien (戴昌賢), Kaohsiung City Deputy Mayor Shyy Che (史哲), and convener of the Beautiful Liudui Project Liao Sung-hsiung (廖松雄).

Minister Yiong said Liudui, an appellation referring to the Hakka settlements in southern Taiwan, is one of the most important intangible cultural assets in the history of the island, hoping that, through this symposium, people can get a deeper understanding of Liudui.

In the academic event many distinguished scholars at home and abroad were invited to participate, including Professor Myron L. Cohen of Columbia University, former Tokyo Metropolitan University professor Yoshio Watanabe (渡邊欣雄), Chong Siou Wei (張曉威) of Malaysia’s Tunku Abdul Rahman University, Lee Leong-sze (利亮時) of National Kaohsiung Normal University, Chang Wei-an (張維安) of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, and Chung Raung-fu (鍾榮富) of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

All attendees had in-depth discussion on the topic of Taiwan’s Hakka community in Liudui. Up to 25 research papers and a new edition of Liudui Chronicle in 2021 were presented at the two-day seminar.

HAC Deputy Minister Chung Kung-chao (鍾孔炤) delivered his speech at the closing event on the second day of the symposium, saying that HAC will integrate the resources from various fields to continue to promote the Hakka renaissance in the Liudui region. He encourages Liudui’s Hakka people to face future challenges with a global vision and open-mindedness, hoping to see next golden years for Liudui’s Hakka settlements.