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American TV travel show about Taiwan’s Hakka culture wins award

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2021/06/25
  • Last updated:2021/07/14
  • Count Views:660

The television program “Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope —Taiwan Mountain Beauty, Villages & Culture - Part 2,” a co-production of Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) and America’s Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), has been named a silver winner of the 2021 Telly Awards, an accolade to “honor excellence in video and television across all screens.”

Presented by the popular travel show “Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope,” the two-episode television program takes the audience on a journey of Taiwan to experience its culture of small towns, immigrant history, natural beauty, and ecological preservation.

According to TTB, following its first episode winning the Telly Award in 2020, the second episode of “Taiwan Mountain Beauty, Villages & Culture” is given the same award among 12,000 entries this year.

Joseph Rosendo, the travel show host, visited Taiwan’s Miaoli County to experience Hakka culture, taking a closer look at the art of wood carving in Sanyi Township, famous tourist attraction Shengxing Railway Station, and temples in Lion’s Head Mountain as well as Shenxian Valley and Osmanthus Alley in Nanzhuang Township, tasting classic Hakka delicacies, and experiencing Hakka indigo dying. Apart from Hakka culture, Rosendo also introduced his viewers to the world of Atayal and Saisiyat—two of Taiwan’s indigenous groups—by presenting their traditional weaving crafts and participating in Pas-ta’ai (the Ritual to the Short People).

Rosendo said that he has always been fascinated every time he visits Taiwan, although he has been to this country for many times. He always has opportunities to explore something new on the island, he added.

Rosendo believes that the TV program “Taiwan Mountain Beauty, Villages & Culture” has led him into Taiwan’s extraordinary ethnic cultures and events, adding that the travel experience in Taiwan has captivated his body and soul.

TTB Director-General Chang Shi-chung (張錫聰) thanks the Travelscope team for the collaboration with Taiwan, saying that viewers in North America can watch the TV show on the PBS channel to get a deeper understanding of Taiwan, an attractive country with rich natural and cultural diversity.