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Hakka publication ‘tien faˊ (靛花)’ wins Taiwan’s design award

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2021/12/27
  • Last updated:2022/01/05
  • Count Views:572

Hakka quarterly “tien faˊ (靛花),” a collaboration between the Hakka Public Communication Foundation (HPCF) and the Affairs Medium Ltd. (編集者新聞社), won the Shopping Design Award for Taiwan Design BEST 100 in the category of the Original Cultural Project of the Year. The award ceremony was held in Taipei on Dec. 17.

Hakka publication wins Taiwan’s design award
(Photo: HPCF)

One hundred best design works of the year were selected by the award jury, allowing more people to know about them. The award-winning quarterly “tien faˊ” successfully interprets the new meaning of Hakka culture, capturing the images of the Hakka community’s real daily life. By discovering the Hakka stories hidden in all walks of life, the magazine leads its readers to learn about Hakka traditions from a new perspective. Not merely a public sector publication, “tien faˊ” created a different impression and possibility to make the Hakka voice heard and build connections with the Hakka community.

Images of tien fa
(Image: HPCF)

Happy about the Hakka publication’s winning the award, HPCF President Chen Bang-jen (陳邦畛) was delighted that everyone can see the modern Hakka aesthetics and its essence through the quarterly “tien faˊ.” Chen pointed out that “tien faˊ” is the first-ever magazine featuring Hakka themes in Taiwan, complemented by contemporary art and design. The quarterly presents the stories about “neo-Hakka” by visiting Hakka settlements throughout the country to discover everything related to Hakka culture, Chen said, adding that, apart from the Shopping Design Award, “tien faˊ” also received the Golden Pin Design Award.  

According to HPCF, the quarterly’s title “tien faˊ” literally means “indigo flowers.” Associated with Hakka indigo dyeing techniques, indigo is the signature color of the second-largest ethnic group in Taiwan.

The Hakka quarterly “tien faˊ” is available at many bookstores, be it virtual or physical. Detailed information can be found at its Facebook page: