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The program for the permanent environmental education exhibition of Liudui Hakka Cultural Park is now launching!

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2020/06/17
  • Last updated:2022/02/15
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To allow even more people to participate in the environmental education program of our Park, the Taiwan Hakka Cultural Center has formulated “strategies for operating and managing the environmental education program for Liudui Hakka Cultural Park” (permanent program) with the aim of providing more opportunities and convenience for the general public to participate in the program. This program will be operated on a permanent basis, with two sessions of an environmental education course being offered weekly, and those who complete their online registration in advance will be offered places first. Should there be places available during the first half hour of the course, on-site visitors may participate.

Our environmental education program includes six units. Please refer to the strategic form for details. Each course is planned according to the theme and degree of difficulty and will be taught to difference age groups. Flexible modifications or adjustments may also be made subject to the age of the participants on the day to provide age-appropriate education so all participants can understand the content of the course. Complete guidelines for class participation, the registration process, and operating procedures will also be made available. Before starting the class, the instructor will explain the rules and regulations of the classroom. If both parents and children participate in the program, then basic concepts will be shared and discussed based on experience and observation to improve parent-child learning opportunities. Important information related to the permanent program is as follows:

The course will be offered on every Wednesday and Saturday from 14:00 to 16:00 for the year of 2020.

The maximum limit is 20 people per course.

People who wish to participate in the program are required to complete their online registration 20 days in advance; should there be places available during the first half hour of the course, on-site visitors will be accepted to participate.

Groups of more than 20 people must register and pay in advance. Groups of fewer than 20 people must register in advance, but can pay on the day.

The above regulations are restricted to permanent courses of specific periods. Group reservations for schools, companies or organizations can be arranged separately by contacting Liudui Hakka Cultural Park directly on 08-7230100#508 (Ms. Huang). Liudui Hakka Cultural Park will offer customized courses and experience programs according to different demands and needs of the group, and there shall be no restrictions on the number of participants, date or time (note the Park is closed every Tuesday).

Taiwan Hakka Cultural Center Council for Hakka Affairs would like to thank you for your cooperation.