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New books recently released by Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2021/04/13
  • Last updated:2022/02/15
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Ever since 2017 when the Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center, Hakka Affairs Council, started carrying out its “work proposal of the history of Hakka villages and settlements”, it has been calling out local teams to set up a village history studio, and collecting information and data using local resources. Through conducting oral history interviews with elders and field research, we have composed our own history of Hakka villages. Published in 2018, the four village history books themed on Hukou Township and Qionglin Township, Hsinchu County, and Jiadung Township, Pintung County, are succeeded by five village history books focused on Luye Township, Chishang Township, and Guanshan Township, Taitung County, and Fengyuan District and Dongshi District, Taichung City. All were completed this year (2020).

Every village history book is completed through joint collaboration and effort, and comprises the memories of each contributor. “Plain Customs” narrates the nature of the landscape and the life of common people in Hakka villages. “Spring Abundance” follows resource development of Hakka villages in Guanshan Township. “Eastern Mountain Foot” investigates the inseparable relationship between industry, land, and religious beliefs of Hakka villages and tourism in Chishang Township. “Rice Field Canal Irrigation” and “Visiting a Hakka Village” explores the traces of development of Hakka residents in the mountains of Dapu Township and features settlements of “the most typical Hakka style”.

Please refer to the Library and Information Center on the official website of the Taiwan Hakka Museum for more detailed information on our new releases.

New books published by the Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center