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Partial opening measures - open for reserved visits

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2021/07/10
  • Last updated:2022/02/16
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How have you been? Partial opening of the Liudui Hakka Cultural Park!

According to instructions from the central epidemic command center on July 8, the epidemic prevention measures were relaxed and implemented gradually while the third level of the national epidemic alert was extended until July 26. The park’s measures were initially loosened and it was open from July 14. Please call 08-7230100 extension 930 between 9:00 to 17:00 on July 12 to make an appointment for a visit. There are two sessions each morning (9:00 & 11:00) and afternoon (13:00 & 15:00). Individuals or groups who have made an appointment should visit according to their appointment time. The outdoor venue will open at 9:00 in conjunction with the cleaning operations before the park opens at 8:00 ~ 9:00. The time for good-neighborliness and morning exercises will not be temporarily suspended. Please wait for further adjustments according to epidemic levels in the future. People flow and diversion control is still required before entering the park and the park will use the flow of the parking lot as a basis to do this. In other words, when the number of parked cars in the toll parking lot reaches 40% of its total capacity, the guards will start to control the entry of vehicles. At present, the phase II parking lot is closed all day and each indoor space is limited to 40 people.

The partial opening date - July 13 which happens to be on a Tuesday - is the day when the park will be closed for electromechanical maintenance. Don't visit in vain as we will meet you again on July 14.

We care about your health and are very happy that the partial opening can relieve your pressure after the epidemic prevention measures and being at home for such a long time. Please also cooperate and abide by the epidemic prevention regulations during your visit.